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Audio Video in Seattle is what we live, love, and breathe (well almost). We have become a leader in the commercial and residential industries in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas by offering local businesses, homeowners, general contractors, and highly technical needs based clients with professional value engineered solutions for they’re Commercial Audio Video Systems, Network Cabling Installation (Data, Voice, CCTV, Cat5, Cat6, RG, etc.) and Home Entertainment Technology.

Home Theater Room with Audio Video in Seattle

Custom Home Theater Room Audio Video Installed - Waiting on Furniture Arrival!

You’re Audio Video Systems project doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, it can however follow strict budgetary guidelines set forth by you, the client.  We are a small, but Hi-Tech firm serving Seattle and surrounding Washington.  Providing an extensive line of Audio Video Equipment and custom electronic systems, we focus on delivering value engineered solutions time and time again for our client base in Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood,  Mercer Island Edmonds, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Inglewood-Finn Hill, Shoreline, Bothell, Northlake, East Renton Highlands, Renton, Sea Tac, Tacoma, Kent, Federal Way, Cascade-Fairwood, Olympia, Bremerton, Everett, Bainbridge Island, Lake Stevens and other areas . On the commercial projects, we often times manage to defeat large companies’ bids. We focus on creating completely customized systems, while our knowledge base, expertise, and affordable prices do the talking. Audio Visual Installation and Custom Smart Home Automation Technology in Seattle has become more affordable for small AV companies and consumers thanks to local distributors assisting the local Custom Audio Video Industry.

Audio Video Training Room for Commercial Office Seattle

Audio Video Training Room Design & Installation in Seattle

We have access to a full range of products, and we can bring those to you for up to 60% less than retailers on specific products.  Our focus from the beginning, years ago has been first and foremost to educate our clients that are ready to utilize the wide world of Audio Video & Smart System Technology. One hurdle for our industry is lack of technical knowledge by consumers, and we continually address that issue on our end by walking you through what our Audio Video System Designs will create when all is said and done from look, feel, and sound standpoints. We also teach you the basics about how all of the electronics work together in cohesion to create the sight and sound that you need.

Equally as important to educating our clients about the process and final product is helping them create a system that aims to reach both they’re goals and budget. There are different levels of Audio Video Systems in Seattle, and much is to be said AGAINST “You get what you pay for” as is commonly used as a sales tactic to close a quick sale!

I’ll give you a great example: In a business environment, where a basic conference room needs audio and video for meetings and presentations, you can definitely get by with basic equipment, especially when considering speakers and projection systems! High end speakers are meant to be left to those that really want them, e.g. those with custom home theater rooms, and the audiophiles of this world. The cost of speakers is just one example of a budgeted product that can be cut in half or further here in Seattle and anywhere else for that matter. In addition to that point, when considering video, a basic conferencing area will also be way over-served (in our opinion) by an expensive projector. I call it a waste of budget space. With high definition being the norm today, many companies are easily up sold. They forget how inconsequential 1080p vs. 1080i or 720p can truly is in a meeting/presentation scenario. You can spend $1500-$2300 on a very nice projector with amazing high definition picture quality, or you can spend $3500-$7000 on a very nice projector with amazing high definition picture quality where differences are subtle and unimportant in a business environment. The price ranges are meant for two different settings. However, you’ll want to remember that lumen count is a very important factor in selecting the correct projector for your outfit. Lumen count is the amount of light that the projector displays, and a high lumen count is important in an office with many lights or windows.

In Seattle Washington and surrounding areas, WE is your go to Audio Video Firm for professional Audio Video Design, Installation and Sales! Call us today for a consultation!


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